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Jay Boddie And His Twin Turbo ’63 Nova Send It At NHRA Sonoma!

A week and a half ago, the NHRA’s traveling tour made its annual stop in Sonoma wine country for the Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals. Each year when the series makes it stop at the famed road-course-plus-drag-strip set amongst the rolling hills of northern California, the powers that be bring out something a little special for the fans.

This year, following a great performance and incredible reception from the fans in 2017, the NHRA invited west coast no prep star and well known promoter and racer Jermaine “Jay” Boddie and seven of his closest friends to put on a special invitation-only no prep style shootout between rounds for the sellout crowd of thousands who made the trek to Sonoma.

Boddie, as most of his fans and followers know him, isn’t one to just sit back and organize the chaos of the no prep studs that earned an invitation. He suited up and strapped on his helmet, sliding behind the wheel of his well-known twin turbo ’63 Chevy II and went head-to-head with his fellow no prep brethren.

As expected, Boddie put it squarely upon himself to put on a hellacious show, and he did just that!

Lined up alongside the boosted Mustang of Guiseppe Gentile on the track, which couldn’t exactly be delivered in a completely unprepped condition due to the extremely significant national event running concurrently. Knowing he had a little extra grip to work with than usual, Boddie and crew cranked up the boost and brought it in early, sending his car into a battle for traction and making a strong move toward the wall in his lane.

Meanwhile, Gentile has his Mustang perfectly tuned, marching straight down the 1/8th mile while Boddie fought valiantly to keep his car off the wall, eventually failing by just… that… much and brushing the wall.

Luckily, the only damage to Boddie’s hotrod was a smooshed bullhorn from the exhaust and some scrapes on the door and rear quarter. Obviously if things had gone even marginally different, Boddie and his car could have been wadded up in a pile. Instead, he used his years of experience behind the wheel to finesse the car into lightly grazing the wall and surviving to race another day.