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Jay Leno Gets Behind The Wheel Of A 20,000 HP Monster

The likes of 20,000 horsepower might seem like a handful to handle but if there is one guy that we think and get it down, it would be the king of cars himself, Jay Leno.

This time, we check out a naval vehicle designed to carry other vehicles from an aircraft carrier to shore in the quickest and most efficient way possible and as you could imagine, doing such a heavy lifting task requires a ton of power along the way.

This time, we check out the craft in detail that is 87-feet long, 182-tons in weight, and boasts 20,000 hp that can get it up to impressive speeds of 80 mph. Just imagine watching something that big skate across the surface of the water at such a high speed.

Check out the video below that teaches us what all of that horsepower is so necessary for and also takes a minute to show us Leno’s journey as he gets behind the controls of this thing and lets it rip, steering his way out to an aircraft carrier in the sea.

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