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Jay Leno Takes Elon Musk For a Drive in the Cybertruck (Full Segment)

Earlier this week, CNBC teased us with a snippet from the Cybertruck segment of Jay Leno’s Garage. Let’s just say that it had the public clamoring for more as the scene was cut short. In fact, it seems like we collectively can’t get enough of what Elon Musk is up to. The guy seems to be on the cutting-edge of absolutely everything that he touches. Whenever Musk talks, there’s a good chance that something either groundbreaking or controversial is about to come out of his mouth. With this, the public hangs on every word.

This time, we get to see the complete Cybertruck segment from Jay Leno’s Garage. In this segment, Jay and Elon take a ride in the Cybertruck. Naturally, with this model, there is a ton to dive into. After all, it’s unlike any other pickup truck that the market has ever seen before. In addition, it might just be the first bulletproof mass-produced pickup as well. That’s just one of the long list of firsts for the machine.

In this one, the duo digs into everything from design to functionality and everything in between. We even get a look into what the finished product is going to look like. While we should be getting most of what we saw in the unveiling of the truck, some minor alterations have to be made.

I think I speak for more than just myself when I say that I absolutely cannot wait to see these things hit the streets. Regardless of if someone loves the design or not, it’s hard to deny the fact that it’s an exciting innovation. Love it or hate it, the machine is sure to create a situation where we all have something to talk about.

As you dig deeper into the world of the Tesla Cybertruck, do you see it being a market dominator in the future?


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