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Jay Leno Takes On Jet Car Team Owner Elaine Larsen In Her Own Daily Driver

Television personality and well-known gearhead Jay Leno gets to do some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. We’ve seen Jay get seat time in cars before they are available to the public, and see him ride along in wheelstanders and countless other unique automotive experiences, but this one ranks way up the list as far as the cool factor.

Sitting Leno hit the drag strip isn’t exactly anything to write home about, especially in a car as common as the C6 Corvette. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not meant to be a knock on the ‘Vette, we love C6’s, but when you’re talking about a guy who gets to see and drive cars that haven’t even gone into production yet, as well as cars that make 4-digit horsepower on the regular, the Vette is somewhat pedestrian by comparison.

However, it’s what’s in the other lane that makes this so cool, as Jay is lined up to take on none other than Elaine Larsen, other of the Larsen Motorsports Jet Car team out of Palm Bay, Florida. Larsen and her crew put on exhibition runs and match races all across the nation, but today she’s decided to give Jay an idea of exactly how powerful 5,000 pounds of thrust is.

Leno lines up in the right lane in her daily-driven C6 while Elaine stages up her jet dragster in the left lane. She gives Leno a full seven-second head start before she even leaves the starting line, meaning he was right around halfway to the finish line before she ever got the green light. Would the half-track head start be enough to get Jay to the quarter mile first?

Larsen hits the throttle, and the gap between her and the Vette immediately begins to shrink. With her jet engine shrieking and her dragster streaking down the track, Larson reaches the quarter-mile mark in just six seconds at 264 MPH, a full 153 MPH FASTER than Leno in the C6, which laid down a respectable 12.95 elapsed time to come in second place.


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