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Jeep Accessory Turns Wrangler’s Roof Into a Hammock

For those who have ever ridden in a Jeep Wrangler, they can probably attest to the fact that it’s really basic. For those who have never been fans of these vehicles, it might be a little bit confusing as to why they’re so popular. After all, they don’t provide a smooth ride or offer any sort of excellent fuel economy. Instead, it feels almost like a Wrangler is a go-kart for the street.

What these people are missing out on, though, is that Jeeps seem to deliver functionality and adventure. It might be in an unconventional way, but they get the job done. While they might not be wrapped in leather, the Jeep Wrangler is a vehicle that is quite versatile. When considering all of the parts that are sold to make these things come to life, the Wrangler can take folks to places where other vehicles simply cannot.

Sure, the ride might be a little bit rough. However, the Wrangler’s maneuverability is second to none. The vehicle is well versed in making its way off of the beaten path. In that vein, it seems almost like Jeep sells these vehicles based on the reputation for exploration. Sure, lots of companies like to pretend that they offer a lifestyle brand. However, very few can offer up an actual lifestyle brand the way that Jeep manages to.

When we follow along with the video below, we get to see another accessory that can be applied to a Jeep Wrangler that makes it something unique. With something like the “Jammock,” customers can actually turn the top of their Jeep into a hammock. Name one other vehicle that can do something like that!

It’s small things like this that paint the bigger picture of what a Jeep really is and why fans are so fond of them.


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