Watch a Jeep Cherokee XJ Build Come Together in the Span of 10 Minutes

There are certain vehicles scattered around the community tht provide a really solid ...

There are certain vehicles scattered around the community tht provide a really solid platform that has a lot of potential without a lot of investment. At the end of the day, somebody probably isn’t going to get all the bells and whistles for a tiny amount of money. On the other hand, though, there are some platforms that do provide a pretty solid bang for your buck.

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In the off-road community, I think that many would agree that the Jeep Cherokee XJ fills that role. Sure, the platform has its shortcomings. However, for somebody looking for an off-road capable vehicle that can be reliable and has a big aftermarket, look no further. Not only are these things pretty bulletproof but there are also endless mounds of parts available for them. Oh yeah, they can be picked up for very little money as well.

This time, we check out somebody who took advantage of the platform and its aftermarket. When the VehicleTribe YouTube channel picked up an XJ Cherokee, the Jeep had no chance of staying stock. Eventually, the SUV would take on a lift kit, some new technology, and even small details like lighting. At the end of the adventure, we might even go so far as saying that this looks like a brand-new Jeep again.

Down below, we get to follow along with the highlights of the build. It appears as if this has been a process that has taken quite some time to complete. However, our uploader took it upon himself to condense it into the best 10 minutes of action. Therefore, we get to see one of the most popular off-road platforms come together all in one sitting.

After watching this one, it might just provide a little bit of inspiration for your very own project. One of the beautiful things about watching a YouTube series like this is that we get to see how things work out before actually going out and spending the money on them ourselves.

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