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Jeep On Jeep Crime: AZN in Jeeper Sleeper vs SRT 8 at No Prep Kings

If you visit the site with any regularity, or if you follow AZN on any of his social media, you know about the Jeeper Sleeper, his wicked low-key daily driven Jeep. For those who may have missed it, I’ll fill you in on the details.

With a happily coincidental 405 cubic inch engine under the hood, the Jeeper Sleeper already has a ton of potential just running on motor, but we all know AZN isn’t going to stick with “potential”, opting to add a ProCharger to the mix to make sure as much of that potential as possible is realized. As you can see, it’s a recipe for success on the drag strip.

Lined up in the all wheel drive category of the daily driver race at the No Prep Kings event in Topeka, Kansas, AZN has to take on one of his Jeep brethren. The potent SRT8 would be a great race for just about any other daily driver it would be likely to encounter, but as we are well aware, anything AZN gets his hands on is going to be far quicker than typical.

As soon as the two SUV’s light the staged lights, the tree flashes green and AZN catches the light, jumping out to a sizable lead and pulling away to lengthen the gap to a double-digit count by the time he crossed the eighth mile finish line. While the SRT8 in the near lane looks to have laid down a solid run, it was just no match for the ProCharged power under the hood of the Jeeper Sleeper.

The combination of added displacement, forced induction and all wheel drive certainly makes AZN’s ride a force to be reckoned with, especially on the street where very few rides are going to have the luxury of all four tires digging at the asphalt, giving him a distinct advantage over cars that are both lighter and more powerful. That should make for some really interesting fishing trips in the very near future!