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This Jeep Wrangler Might Have the Most Unlikely Viper Swap to Date

Viper V10 Swapped Jeep Wrangler

With the concept of the engine swap, we see all sorts of different theories unfolding right in our laps. Many times, the whole point of such a swap is to come up with something more powerful and efficient while staying on a budget. When encompassing all of these factors, this kind of narrows down the options sometimes. This is why we commonly see a couple of swaps that are used frequently across the community. While these common swaps can be effective and have their place, sometimes, though, we just want to see something different.

If a different engine swap that really makes a vehicle come alive is what we’re chasing after, we’ve found a Jeep that is definitely a strong candidate. The donor vehicle here is none other than a Dodge Viper. From the car, the person behind it all went ahead and pulled out the v10 heart and stuffed it into a pretty unlikely body. The Viper swap certainly isn’t something that is brand new but when we do see it, usually, the recipient is something like an old muscle car. This time, though, it’s completely off-the-wall as a Jeep Wrangler is on the receiving end of a little bit of muscle.

Why don’t we see swaps like this more often? Well, to be quite frank, the Viper V10 isn’t an engine that’s going to be something that’s cheap to come by. Even for those who can come up with something, finding the architecture to support it is going to be a challenge as well. There’s going to be a need for lots of custom work and some electrical magic to make it all come together.

Down in the video below, we drop in on a unique situation as BJ Motors has taken this heart and soul of the Viper and shoved it into nothing more than your everyday Jeep. Sure, this thing is badged up with the “Viper” and “SRT” branding but otherwise, we think this probably provide quite the interesting sleeper. I don’t think that many people are batting an eye at this thing and that’s probably just what the creator was gunning for.


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