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Scene Gets Emotional, Jeff Gordon Visits Dale Earnhardt’s Tribute Statue

Scene Gets Emotional, Jeff Gordon Visits Dale Earnhardt's Tribute Statue

Across-the-board, whether it’s sports or some sort of other competition, it always seems as if the best recognize one another. Sure, when it comes time to go to war out there on the race track, sports field, or whatever other surface is going to be competed upon, there is a rivalry. Competitors might even verbally go after one another, trying to get in the head of their opponent. Sometimes, these things might seem to lack a little bit of respect. However, when all the dust finally settles, most of these guys will be able to admit that sometimes, their greatest foes were the best competitors to have ever done it.

For those who were around when Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt squared up on the racetrack, it was truly a special time. Earnhardt was obviously slightly older and had some more experience under his belt. However, one day, along came a young gun by the name of “Jeff Gordon” and before we knew it, the competitive nature between them would forever change the sport. The need to watch them go back and forth on any given Sunday was enough to drive the sport to record numbers as fans tuned in to see what would happen next.

Today in 2019, not only has the dust settled on the rivalry but Jeff has had the opportunity to look back on the tough fought times. Not only has he retired but has since been inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I think it is safe to say that he can truly emotionally separate himself from the competitive nature that he would exhibit on race day.

Since then, we assume that Gordon has had plenty of time to observe the relationship between himself and Earnhardt with what seems like a growing appreciation. In this one, cameras follow along as he goes to check out a statue in the monument of arguably the greatest racer to have ever lived.

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