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Jeff Lutz Makes First Pass of a Busy 2020 Street Racing, Drag Week, and No Prep Racing Season

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems as if racing season 2020 is upon us. Sure, there have been some major events such as Lights Out that have been pushing us through the winter. However, now that the calendar has turned to March, we will begin to see all sorts of drag strips opening up their gates. It’s time to really start to dig into the meat of what the new year of racing has to offer.

It can really be an exciting time to be a drag racing fan. After all, most of us have been cooped up all winter long. During this time, some racers have taken it upon themselves to improve upon their vehicles. These improvements can be everything from minor tweaks and changes all the way up to completely new cars.

It’s really all one big game as everybody is trying to be the fastest. It can be kind of hard to predict what the next racer is going to be doing to take the crown. Therefore, everybody has to put their best foot forward in the name of making an impact.

This time, we get to see a fan favorite in Jeff Lutz as he makes his first pass of 2020. “The 57” has been a cornerstone of the Street Outlaws and drag racing communities and we’re sure that 2020 is going to be another great year. Just watching this car make its way down the track gives us a rush of adrenaline for what’s to come.

The 57 has always been a competitor to look out for. Even if someone isn’t the biggest fan of Lutz and his Chevy, they certainly know that they have to respect him. Lutz ranks pretty high in the pecking order.

If you sleep on this car and driver combination for one second, well, it’ll be one second too long!


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