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Jeff Lutz NEW Steel Body 57 Chevy vs The Megalodon Procharged Camaro

Drag Week legend Jeff Lutz, who’s also a part-timer on Street Outlaws, debuted his gorgeous new Drag Week car a couple of weeks ago at the Trial-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, KY. The steel bodied car looks very much like a period correct ’57 Chevy, standing out from the crowd of chopped, wedge-shaped bodies that have become entirely too common in the racing world.

While the car is still very much brand new, Lutz decided to make the haul down to Bristol for the Discovery Channel $100,000 Shootout to see if he had what it took to take home the big check.

However, he ran into a bit of a problem when he drew Megalodon, the supercharged hemi-powered Camaro driven by Brent Austin. Megalodon is a force to be reckoned with on the no prep scene, and when you see what happens in this race with Lutz, you’ll know why.

Lutz’ Chevy is powered by the same engine that was in his Mad Max Camaro, the same one that he took into the 3-second zone on radials earlier this year, so the car has plenty of power, perhaps a tad too much, at least for the unprepped Thunder Valley Raceway surface. The slick orange ’57 appears to be out in front of the Camaro when it starts to lose traction and slide around on the track, while Austin is hooked up and on a hell of a pass.

The eardrum-splitting Megalodon drives around Lutz and roars to the finish line, taking the win by several car lengths. One thing is for certain, though. Lutz will get his new hotrod dialed in and when he does, it should be just as lethal on a no prep surface as Mad Max was on radials on that flypaper track at Memphis earlier this year. The car has so much potential it’s not even funny, but for now, Brent Austin has the upper hand with his monster Camaro!