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Jeff Lutz Prepares “The ’57” for the Streets – Insane Test Hit

If we’re talking racing in about any capacity, including street racing, it takes a ton of practice to make perfect. In fact, I think that most would agree with us when we say that the street ends up being a little bit more unforgiving of a surface as it doesn’t provide as much traction as the fully prepped racing surface found at a proper race track. Therefore, as one could imagine, it definitely takes a pretty good amount of practice to make perfect. With enough of it, you might be competing with the big dogs one day!

Even the most feared racers in the game still have to get out there and practice their form. Everyone is getting better, after all. For someone who wants to keep that edge and stay towards the top, in their spot that they’ve worked so hard to earn, they absolutely have to get better all the time. It seems like there’s never time to take a break in racing! Staying stagnant isn’t going to help out anybody if they’re looking to climb that ladder and eventually stay there. This is how the real king of the hill is born.

By following with the quick clip below from BigRob Entertainment, we catch up with a mind-blowing test session as Jeff Lutz and the always gorgeous 57 to do a hard and straight pass on some concrete. This thing seems to stick to the ground perfectly and speed away like it’s nothing. It almost looks effortless! I guess that’s just what happens for those who invest as many hours as Lutz spends honing his craft.

If something like this doesn’t get your blood pumping for more racing, you might want to check your pulse and it’s probably time to check into another lifestyle. This is what we’re all about!

@lutzracecars out on a Sunday drive

Posted by BigRob Entertainment on Sunday, April 14, 2019


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