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Jeff Lutz sets the world record for quickest and fastest street car! 5.87 @ 251.34

We know that today, the topic of what exactly a “street car” is has been under fire with the definition ranging depending on who you ask but via Jeff Lutz’s widely accepted definition, his Chevrolet Camaro known as Mad Max has recently pounded the quarter mile record pretty deep.

With an astonishing 5.87-second pass at 251.34mph, Lutz has placed the crown on top of his head, pushing this car even further than we saw at Drag Week when he set the series record.

Blasting down the track in such a short period of time has to be an absolute riot and thanks to the video below, we’re able to rock out with the pass to top all of the passes. With the way that these battles are shaping up, it won’t be long before the cars run out of real estate as the passes approach 0!

Check out the video below as Lutz pushes this thing to the edge. For some reason, though, we get a funny feeling that we will be seeing yet another faster pass out of Mad Max before all is said and done. Be sure to stay tuned to Speed Society for all of the updates.

Worlds fastest streetcar

Posted by LUTZ RACE CARS on Thursday, November 10, 2016


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