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Jeremy Clarkson’s Opinion of Tesla Might Have Landed him in Legal Trouble

If you’ve ever heard of Jeremy Clarkson, chances are that you probably also have heard about the controversy that he tends to get himself tied up in. In the court of public opinion, I guess that you could say that Clarkson has definitely managed to split the jury in half but, this time, we’re going to talk a little bit about how he ended up in an actual courtroom, defending himself in the court of law. You know that you say some controversial stuff when you even manage to get Elon Musk all fired up and ready to sue you for your comments.

You see, when Tesla was first making its way onto the automotive scene, Jeremy didn’t really have many good things to say about the automaker. In fact, the comments that he made irritated Musk to the point where the aforementioned court case would come about because of how harsh Jezza was on the brand. Now, history would unfold with Jeremy winning the case and even the appeal process but it really leaves you to wonder where the two stand today. After all, Tesla has made a lot of progress since its infancy and their cars have really come a long way as many new concepts have been implemented to make the car grow in just about every facet.

In the clip below, Clarkson takes the liberty of telling us a little bit about what he thinks of today’s version of the Tesla and how his view might’ve slightly changed about all that they have managed to get under their belt. What is the latest that one of the potentially harshest reviewers and most well-known critics in the world of automotive reviews has to say about the company? Find out down in the video blows as he spills the beans on what he thinks about what Tesla has been up to. You’d think that there would be some sour grapes there, especially after a lawsuit, but is that actually the case?