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Jesse James Comes at Richard Rawlings of Fast & Loud

For anyone who has ever laid eyes on reality television, you know that this brand of entertainment certainly lacks no drama. Everywhere you look, there is some sort of argument or disagreement or two people simply clashing heads over something whether it be warranted or not. At the end of the day, that’s what really makes it worth feasting your eyes on, right? We all have that inner part of us that begins to drool over a juicy piece of drama.

This time, we check out a little bit of a throwback as Fast N’ Loud goes head-to-head with Jesse James in a bike build off where tensions got really high when different elements were thrown into the mix that dove into the builders’ personal lives, taking shots at their families, and on the grander scheme of things, taking eyes off of the bikes at hand that are the true topic of discussion here.

In this one, we check out a scene that has the men trying to figure out a way to extinguish the blaze but I’m not so sure that was a direction that the dilemma was capable of going in at that point. Jesse James and Richard Rawlings seem like a pair of dudes that aren’t willing to back down and it kind of looks like all signs were pointing toward crash and burn because of their need to firmly stand their ground!

Check out the video below as Jesse James, Richard Rawlings, and Aaron Kaufman all gather on stage in what ended up being a rather tense moment in television history that threw a few curveballs into the mix. Be sure to tell us what your take is on this throwback that really had the tempers flaring up on live television. Even today, you can almost feel the tension to the point where it could be cut with a knife!