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Jesse James on Bringing “Monster Garage” Back Right Away

Gearheads, fabricators and tinkerers worldwide loved Jesse James‘ “Monster Garage”, the build show that found teams working to build vehicles that “did something” besides just transport people.

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There were over 100 episodes of the show, which ended its run in 2006, which featured some insane builds, such as a wheelstanding ambulance, a Miata Jet Ski, and a De Lorean hovercraft. James, who is never opposed to revisiting a past project, revealed in this interview with Graham Bensinger that he’d been in talks to bring the show back. It seemed as the shows popularity waned during its initial that the builds began to be a little on the ridiculous side, but with a decade to come up with new ideas, there’s no doubt Jesse and his team have more than enough ideas to make another successful run.

Hopefully a second run of Monster Garage becomes a reality. With Discovery’s recent success with automotive-based shows, it makes perfect sense to add Monster Garage to the Monday night lineup with Street Outlaws and Fast ‘N Loud!