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Jet Engine Powered Truck Accidentally Destroys Track’s Asphalt

When you shred rubber, it turns out that the heat created isn’t only melting your tires but, if you go hard enough, will also begin to peel up the surface beneath it. Something does have to give, after all, when you build up that much heat and friction as the surfaces at play are going crazy. If you thought that the latest burnout that you’ve done managed to shell out some damage to the asphalt, this mega truck scoffs at that notion all without even spinning the tires as it definitely turns up the volume on what it means to put on a show.

As it gets ready to tear down the track, the Shockwave jet truck fires up the thrusters and gets ready to go, something that needs to be done before the truck will be able to operate at full efficiency. It just so happens that that the heat that the truck is cranking out ends up being intense that it manages to peel up the blacktop behind it! If you want to talk about something that would make the crowd’s jaws drop to the floor, this is how you get something like that accomplished.

Could you imagine getting caught in the crossfire behind this truck while it’s getting itself ready to make another single digit pass down the drag strip? As if the pre-show wasn’t enough, these folks are still going to have the chance to see the truck power its way down the track in a display that could be something that you won’t be able to see all that often. Heck, the truck destroying the asphalt might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see sheer power at work.

Check out the epic carnage in the video below as the drag truck gets right to it and shows just how insane all of that power really is!

Owner – Brooke Darnell / Darnell Racing, INC / Shockwave and Flash Fire Jet Trucks


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