Jet ski getting wild in a swimming pool

JET SKI GETTING WILD Jet ski getting wild in a swimming pool, from the looks of it ...


Jet ski getting wild in a swimming pool, from the looks of it the pilot behind the jet ski might have been a bit intoxicated, as is everybody else in the video. Looks like a good time to us!!!!

We are sure this Sea Doo Spark can be put to better use out on the open water but the real question is how easy will it be to get the Ski out of the pool?

Just so you know this guy is insane! But he also is a pro stunt rider

Pro stunt rider Darius Khashabi recently explored his artistic side with performances of The Firebird under the umbrella of San Francisco art house The Crucible. After being approached by the fire ballet’s promoter to perform alongside a ballerina, Darius welcomed the chance to take sport bike stunting to a new audience. “I practiced in a parking lot for about a month in a spray painted area in the shape of the stage. The dancer was pretty freaked out by the bike, and when you add to that the flaming tutu she had to wear she was really nervous.”

Found this little bit too…

Malcolm McCassy, team manager for Alpine stars, an international racing gear company that usually sponsors professional dirt and track riders, recently signed Khashabi to a $30,000 sponsorship deal, a first-of-its kind contract that McCassy said was a tough sell to his bosses. Alpinestars executives, McCassy says, were worried that unsanctioned stunt riders projected a reckless and lawless image. Khashabi wears Alpinestars gear at competitions and appears in a short clip on the company’s Web site, in which scenes of city streets are notably absent. “Their image was horrible a few years ago,” McCassy says of stunt riders. “They didn’t give people anything they could grab onto or like about them. To get big, you’ve got to put out an image that parents, kids and the X Games can embrace. … And Darius has that. He’s got a look going — a Vin Diesel thing — that can attract people to his sport.”

CHECK THIS OUT!!! $140,000 boat breaks in half….

 Donzi Powerboat Massive Drop Dubstepified

Talk about a wipe out. Three boaters cruising a 35-foot Donzi powerboat in rough waters were captured jumping clear 40 feet into the air over a wave around Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Pete Koff, 41, was just chillin’ in the beach, recording his buddy out surfing when he saw the vessel in an area generally avoided.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 10.12.18 AM

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