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Jet Ski Rider Has Scare, Almost Sucked Under Container Ship

If you’re out and about on the water, there can be something liberating about it. There’s just something about being free and having no limitations binding you, like a speed limit for example, as you lay into the throttle of whatever vessel you so choose and rip around much anywhere that you want to go as long as there’s enough water to handle whatever it is that you are on board of. However, with that freedom definitely comes responsibility as others are also traveling through the same bodies of water and it’s important to be both respectful and courteous, especially because acting otherwise could cause a safety concern.

This time, we tune in to a video where a jet ski rider had the entire body of water to play around in, however, he decided that he wanted to get up close and personal with a cargo ship. You might be wondering why, if he was able to get out of the way of the ship’s bow, would it be such a bad idea. Well, when you see what happens when he rolls up to the side of the ship, things just so happen to get a little bit scary as the rider ends up losing his footing a bit and nearly going underneath the cargo ship. To be honest, it’s downright terrifying to watch!

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll watch as the ship ends up creating a sort of suction, trying to draw the ski and its rider closer to it and eventually, it looks like it’s going to push the rider underneath the massive vessel gliding through the water. It’s a scary situation to say the least but the rider does eventually bail off of the ski before returning to it and managing to power his way out of the situation. I would think that this is one terrible way of learning a lesson to not get close to a ship that big again, especially when on something as small as a jet ski.