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Jet Suit Makes History Flight Over The Solent

Ever since the dawn of time, it seems as if people have been fascinated with the proposition of flight. Obviously, flight technology has come a long way over the years. From the first successful human aviation with the Wright Brothers up to today, we have seen some crazy innovation. These days, it seems as if humans have mastered the concept of personal flight through helicopters and airplanes alike. However, it seems as if innovation wants to take us to even more personalized ways to fly. This might mean something like a flight suit.

For those who haven’t been too familiar with this industry, one name to know is Richard Browning. This man has taken it upon himself to create a sort of real-life Iron Man suit. With different iterations, he has built a jet suit that allows a person to fly on their own.

As time goes on and technology gets better, the suit gets more efficient. We wouldn’t be surprised to one day see a suit like this commercially available and completely safe. We’re sure that in its current state, such as suit would require a professional to be able to fly it. In the future though, who knows if they will come up with a more consumer-friendly version?

This time, we follow along with founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries. In this one, Browning makes his first successful jet suit flight over the Solent, a strait in England. The flight would span from Hurst Castle in Lymington to Fort Albert Albert in Freshwater. What was said and done, the distance traveled would be about .8 eight miles. It certainly does give us an adrenaline rush, even from the side the screen, to watch as the suit really makes Magic happen.

This is one avenue of tech that we’re going to love watching as it develops.