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Jimmie Johnson Ends His Iconic Career This Sunday, Here’s How he Became a Legend

Just as NASCAR intended, their playoff format has created its fair share of drama. Fans are glued to television sets, waiting to see which one of the drivers is going to be able to make their way to victory lane one final time this weekend in Phoenix in order to claim their championship.

With that drama, there is one story that is being overlooked, to an extent, and that story surrounds Jimmie Johnson. After spending two decades in NASCAR competition, he has managed to race his way to a tie with legendary drivers, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. Seven championships reside in his trophy case which puts him in a three-way tie with the greatest to ever do it. By association, this would rank him among the greatest as well.

After this weekend’s race, Johnson will retire from NASCAR and make his way to IndyCar. We think that this is a storyline that deserves a lot more attention as one of the sport’s greatest figures will be riding off into the sunset.

This time, we join in with Johnson as we take a walk back over five of his first championships and discuss how he managed to take home each. In a sport that is constantly changing, Johnson would have to adapt to the new racing formats. Sometimes, this would play in his favor but other times, it meant making major adjustments in order to keep up with the format.

Down below, we get the rundown from The Iceberg on how all of this came to life. At the end of the day, it’s certainly no easy task to take home seven championships, no matter what the era. With that, Johnson will definitely enter the conversation of the greatest NASCAR drivers to ever live. This exclusive class is one that the driver of the number 48 car has definitely earned over the years.


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