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Joe Rogan Talks About His Muscle Cars

As diehard car enthusiasts, we can’t help but kind of keep track of who in the world of Hollywood has as much of an itch for horsepower as we do. If you’re interested in the same small facet of this corner of the car community, you probably know that Joe Rogan has a pretty good nose for a decent automobile. More specifically, it turns out that he seems to be a little bit more infatuated with how muscle cars reach out and send a chill down your spine, somehow managing to tap into that sense of wonder, giving you a feeling of freedom.

This time, we join in and take a listen to his podcast, featuring Matt Farah, and of course, they’re talking cars. When you build up a collection of machines and have behind the wheel of so many amazing automobiles as these two have been, the conversation just naturally flows, bring up one nameplate after another and talking about the strengths and weaknesses of each along with the state of the car community as a whole. There are definitely a lot of good points to be brought up and these two seem pretty qualified to have that discussion worth listening to.

If you follow along down in the video below, it will take you to the scene of the podcast recording as they throw around a couple of ideas about what some of their favorite muscle cars might be and cars that they’ve driven that they have enjoyed along with maybe a couple of facets that they think should be changed about some of the newer muscle cars. After following along with this video, be sure to tell us if you agree with the opinions that are thrown out here.

Everybody has their favorite, so be sure to tell us which classic muscle car is most likely to find its way into your heart.


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