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Joe Rogan’s Custom 69 Nova is Anything but a Typical Muscle Car

Depending on which designer or fabricator is asked, many of these people would probably admit that some of the best custom work is the work that most folks wouldn’t even notice at all. Sure, that seems like something that might be a bit counter-intuitive on the surface. If someone is putting lots of work into making sure that a vehicle is one-of-a-kind, wouldn’t they want these touches to be noticed?

Perhaps, in some cases, that would be exactly what a designer would want. However, when looking at the featured custom muscle machine, the builder behind all didn’t want the beholders to have very much stick out, in their mind, at least not to the untrained eye. Instead, Steve Strope, the owner of Pure Vision Design says that he was going for something that looks like it would’ve rolled off of a GM assembly line – even though it’s not even close.

The custom is the result of fusing together certain parts of a Chevrolet Camaro with the face of a Chevrolet Nova. Now, it’s a little bit more complex than that when getting down to the nuts and bolts and that’s what this explanation is all about. The machine owned by Joe Rogan is shown here as completely stripped down to bare metal. Surely, this thing is going to be a complete stunner when it ends up getting coated in paint, however, without that glossy finish, absolutely nothing can be hidden and we get to see where the real expertise begins to come into play.

By following along with the video below, we get to see not just any ’69 Nova but a car that really is on the heels of lots of custom work and thinking outside the box to take a classic favorite and really put a twist on it. While a big part of building a proper automobile is mechanical know-how, something like what we see here takes that technical knowledge and truly merges it with art.