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Joe Rogan Tells the World About His Road Rage Story…

While they are performing, celebrities seem to have their legs firmly planted underneath of them as they proceed with a certain level of cool that kind of makes them seem like they don’t get angry all that often. As these people know that cameras are absolutely everywhere, they might try to put on a face and act like everything is alright when things could be truly bothering them at times. Yeah, sometimes, celebrities might be known for letting loose, most of the time, though, you get this kind of perspective of them that seems like they are unshakable, impossible to be razzed by any sort of instigator.

In this one, though, we tune into Joe Rogan’s podcast as he told us a little bit of a story about road rage and how he personally has been involved with it. If there’s one thing that we can’t stand, it’s people on the road with no sense of courtesy and apparently, Rogan shares that viewpoint as well. In fact, it would appear as if he has learned a thing or two from his road rage encounters over the years, including how exactly to handle the aggression himself after remarking that sometimes, after getting into an altercation you drive away feeling like a complete idiot.

If you follow along with the podcast excerpt below, you’ll get a little bit of insight on the behind-the-scenes of this celebrity’s life. You might think that these people who have cameras on them at all times are robots of sorts, however, that’s certainly not the case as everybody, and we mean everybody, has emotions of rage to deal with at times, even if they are well trained and do a good job of not showing it. After watching a story like this, maybe you can chime in with a certain rage incident that you might have been involved in that you aren’t so proud of.


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