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Jorge Gill Wakeboarding Behind a Ferrari F50

Jorge Gill wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50

They said that money can’t buy happiness. On the contrary, we’re not sure that it’s even remotely possible to frown while being towed behind a Ferrari F50 while on a wakeboard.

Check it out as professional wake boarder, Jorge Gill, gets towed behind the Ferrari up to a whopping 84mph before he has to let go… guess he wasn’t up for going back to the future.

We’re not sure how they came up with this idea, but it looks like something we would totally see ourselves doing! The thrill factor has to be at an all time high during this stunt.

We’ve seen the Tax the Rich guys drifting and beating on high end exotics before, but they really went to a whole new level with this one!

Check out the insane video below and tell us: Would you be down to go 84mph on a wakeboard?

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