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Just Another SLOW Car on 22s… Or is it!?

When it comes to going fast down the drag strip, it can be really easy to discount cars that have big chrome wheels on them. Not to judge a book by its cover, but most of the time they aren’t running too quickly.

This time, however, an Oldsmobile sporting 22-inch wheels teaches us that maybe we should keep an eye out and learn to expect the unexpected.

Sporting a small block V-8 and a little bit of nitrous, this bad machine is able to make its way to the low 10-second quarter mile class.

When a drag wheel and tire set up is added to the mix, that 10-second pass drops to the single digits, proving even further that this thing is a street car that’s not to be messed with!

Check out the video below as the old school ride shows us that it has more than just a little bit of shine and that it can get down to business at a moment’s notice!