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Just Doing Racecar Things… Racecar Hits The Streets Of San Diego!

Sometimes, if you have a machine that’s raring and ready to go to battle under any circumstances, you just can’t help but want to drive it. Even if it means maybe skirting around a couple of laws and trying not to get pulled over, some people are really still willing to go the distance in order to show off their ride and have a good time behind the wheel and that’s exactly what this driver does as he takes his racecar to the streets of San Diego, showing that even because it was built for the track doesn’t necessarily mean that he can’t wheel it around in the streets as well.

One thing that we have to say for sure is that no matter where this person decides the drive, even if it’s something as simple as heading to a fast food restaurant to hit the drive-thru, you have to acknowledge the idea that they’re absolutely going to get showered with attention no matter what. It’s not every day that you see something like this and it’s even more few and far between that you’ll be able to see it rolling through the streets, using public roads instead of the racetrack where you would normally find a car like this.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get a perspective from behind the race car as this guy wheels around, showing off his ride in the streets. If you find yourself asking why something like this is a thing, maybe the better question to ask is “Why not?” I’m sure this one is probably on the bucket list for more than just this guy has a lot of racecars and their drivers would like to be able to try something out like this in their lifetime. We wouldn’t recommend it, though, because more likely than not you’re going to come home with a nice little ticket or maybe even a sheet of them.


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