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Somebody Just Got Screwed On Their Paint Job, Not A Good Look

If you’ve ever worked around vehicles that have required a decent paint job, then you know that these processes can tally up the dollar signs and when all is said and done, it’ll cost a rather pretty penny. For a good job, though, all of the preparation involved really justifies the cost.

Basically, in most situations, if you have a friend of a friend who likes to spray cars on the side, odds are if the deal seems to be too good to be true then it probably is. If you’re not careful, you will end up in a tough situation like the owner of this car.

It looks like this guy is attempting to remove the current paint job by the means of compressed air when he gets to one section of the hood and things get mighty ugly as the little pieces of peeling turn into rather large chunks as a massive hunk comes off all at once.

Basically, what was once a cheap paint job is probably going to cost even more to get corrected now. If we were to offer up our most solid piece of advice in a trade like this, it would probably be that in most cases, you end up getting exactly what you paid for.


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