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Just How Terrible is the Most Basic Work Truck When Compared to Top Trim Levels?

These days, in the pickup truck market, it can be easy to focus on how luxurious and powerful everything is.

It’s simply crazy to think about the fact that trucks can act more like luxury cars than luxury cars themselves. However, there is still the opposite side of the spectrum to consider. Sure, somebody could get a pickup optioned out with just about any feature that they could imagine. Some of the higher trim levels can be extravagant beasts.

However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, there are still basic work trucks. While these machines are definitely stridden ahead of work trucks of old, let’s just say that they don’t spoil us as much as some of the other trucks on the market do. In fact, manufacturers sometimes show that they’ll do anything to save a buck to offer the cheapest truck imaginable to the consumer who wants no creature comforts.

While many reviews look at the creature comforts that could be expected in such a vehicle, this time, we get to see what a stripped-down truck looks like these days. In an era where everything seems to be luxurious and advanced, how basic could some of these things get? This time, we check in with the likes of a Chevrolet Trail Boss that has been optioned out with the lowest package imaginable.

By following along with the video below from TFL Now, we get to see what basic looks like. Could something like this really be worth it or should somebody purchasing a new truck just go for a couple of upgrades? In order to figure out if the juice is worth the squeeze, seeing what the base model offers is definitely an interesting exercise. Something like this is going to be friendly on the wallet but at what cost?


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