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Valet Bottoms Out Justin Bieber’s Lambo in Front of Paparazzi

To your average person, bottoming out a car might not mean so much. Sure, you might get a couple of scratches underneath the bottom of your bumper that might be a little bit visible but usually it’s a throwaway incident that you don’t have to spend too much time worrying about. However, on the flipside, If you’re a car enthusiast, you might know the feeling of exactly what it’s like to bottom out your car as that cringe claims you and you can practically feel it in your soul when the bottom your car meets blacktop or asphalt.

If you fall in the latter category, a video like this might be one that really makes your skin crawl and your hair stand up on edge. As the owner of any lowered car will be able to tell you, sometimes, there are just certain places where you can’t go. Other times, there might be areas that are little bit tough to navigate through but with enough of an angle, you can work your way up a ramp or over a curb sideways. It seems like a messed up way to drive your vehicle but sometimes it’s just the reality with a vehicle that sits this low. However, I think it’s a memo that maybe this valet didn’t pick up on.

We really can’t help but feel bad for this guy because he definitely didn’t sign up to have the paparazzi following him around, however, when he’s behind the wheel of a megastar’s Lamborghini, the cameras are just going to naturally follow you. After seeing this incident, it doesn’t appear as if too much damage was done but we’re not sure exactly how Justin Bieber is going to take the whole thing. If you’re not ready for a video that’s probably going to make you cringe a little bit, we wouldn’t recommend checking out the clip below but if cringe is your style, then get ready to see it for yourself.


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