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Karen Gets Angry at Power Wheels Kids Because They Don’t Have a License

We have to be honest at this point. We kind of feel bad for people who are actually named Karen. The trend of the Karens has really taken over the internet as the name is attributed to people who seem overly concerned with things that probably shouldn’t concern them. Most of the time, when it comes to interactions like this, we just mind their own business. However, this particular interaction was just too hilarious to pass up.

This time, we drop it on the situation as a woman and her kids are enjoying a day at the park. The kids seem to be riding around in a Power Wheels truck and having a good time. However, this is when a Karen strikes in the wild. At first, we thought that this could have been a joke but it seems like the lady pictured here is very much serious with voicing her concerns.

When the woman in question spots the kids in the Power Wheels, apparently, she wasn’t too happy about it. From there, she would approach the lady responsible for the children and tells her all about how she feels. She makes sure to throw in the fact that she “Never saw a car [in the park] before” and that the little kid shouldn’t be driving because they don’t have a license.

In the scheme of things, we don’t want anybody to feel bad about themselves, not even Karen. However, clearly, kids don’t need a license to operate a toy and a Power Wheels is far from a real car. We would assume that Karen knows this granted that she probably got to the park in a car.

However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to assume nothing. Sometimes, situations are just real head-scratchers. This is one of those times.