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Kayla Morton Gets Sideways, Nearly T-Bones the Wall at No Prep Kings

Drag racing is one of those sports that can change course in a hurry. One moment, everything can be going smoothly. A driver might even complete a quick and straight pass before all havoc is unleashed. That is precisely the case in this one for Kayla Morton as she made a pass at Route 66 No Prep Kings against Kye Kelley.

In an intense situation, two of the top contenders on the circuit would go head to head. In a rather clean pass, both cars would rocket down the racing surface. Kye would be able to beat Kayla to the line before the real drama began to unfold.

As Kayla completed her pass, it appears as if the car began to have a little bit of trouble. This was when the racing machine got completely sideways. It all happened in a matter of a couple of seconds as, before she knew it, Kayla was looking directly at the wall in the opposite lane. We wouldn’t be shocked if the car nearly went toward the opposing lane at a 90-degree angle. In other words, this one looked like it was almost doomed from the second that the car went sideways.

With a little bit of driving ability and a whole lot of luck, though, Kayla was eventually able to regather herself and keep the car out of the wall. Just when it looked like the car had no chance to remain in one piece, a miracle unfolded in front of our eyes.

The National No Prep Racing Association was on the scene of the action to capture the moment. This is one that Kayla is probably going to be thanking her lucky stars for. It’s also one that she’s not going to want to repeat anytime soon. Doing this once in a lifetime is already too much to bear!