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KC’s Paint Shop Says Farewell To Frankenstein, the F-100 that we all Know and Love

Project vehicles can definitely be a rewarding undertaking to get into. Once you have them shaped up enough to be roadworthy and drivable, they provide more of a fun experience as you’re able to have a little bit of fun with them while you’re fixing them up. Most of the time, our project vehicles are never absolutely perfect but that’s what we strive for, taking small steps in the right direction and every time that we sink a little bit of money and time into our car or truck, it gets closer and closer to that vision that we had our head. Sometimes, we might not do the highest dollar modifications but as long as it’s good enough for our personal wants, the project rolls on!

This time, we Check in with a familiar face in the Frankenstein Ford F-100, an old-school truck that has proven to be the face of KC’s Paint shop but this time, we get a different tune from the owner when we hear a little bit about how the truck has been doing and he elaborates on the state of the union, telling us that it isn’t where he would exactly want it to be. While he does admit that the truck looks decent, it’s definitely not up to the quality that he says that he would like to have representing him as a business owner. He also tells us that it’s just time for him to upgrade some of the truck’s mechanical components as well. When your job is to make automobiles look as good as they possibly can, well, people are naturally going to look at your own personal project and that’s why KC found this change to be necessary.

Follow along down in the video below and you’ll learn a little bit more about the overhaul coming to this old-school Ford that’s bringing it up to speed a little bit more with KC’s standard of quality that he wants people to think about when they lay eyes upon this classic pickup truck. The truck has always been a fan favorite and we can’t wait to see what happens when it’s kicked up another notch!