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KC Mathieu Returns to YouTube, Takes Son For Track Session in Frankenstein F-100

When it comes to the hobby of going fast, there’s nothing better than being able to share it. Sure, hopping behind the wheel and going on a stress-free rip on the throttle is definitely a good time. However, as a parent, perhaps being able to hand that passion down might be a little bit better. This is especially true when it comes to a truck-like Frankenstein that has been in KC Mathieu’s life for quite some time.

This time, he decided to take his son along for the ride, bringing the old school truck to the track. There’s nothing quite like ripping around the corners with the help of a supercharged Alluminator engine. All of that is topped off with the trusty bench seat that has father and son sliding around like it’s an ice rink! It certainly adds a little bit of character to the truck instead of having an all-out racing machine.

Being able to join in on this father and son moment is just one part of the fun, though. In addition, we also get to join in with the sights and sounds offered up by this amazing truck. There’s really something about that screaming Whipple supercharger that really brings this thing to life. Every time KC Lays into the throttle and the screaming supercharger whines to life, we can’t help but feel a little bit of a tingle heading down the spine.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in on a moment that KC’s son is probably going to remember for the rest of his life. Being able to watch Frankenstein once again is also a nice treat. It seems as if the truck has fallen out of the limelight for the past year or so after going incredibly viral in 2018. Could this potentially be a sign of a reemergence in content creation for one of the internet’s favorite painters?



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