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Just When Keanu Reeves Couldn’t Get More Badass, We Learn About His Motorcycle Shop

In this day and age, with all of the connectivity that we have with each other, it seems like celebrities have more reach than ever. Back in the day, people had to either watch television or catch a tabloid to see what celebrities were up to. Today, though, celebrities share a lot of their personal lives with us. It’s pretty neat to see how some of our favorite actors, musicians, and athletes find ways to spend their free time. When some of our favorites end up having some of the same hobbies as us, we can’t help but take a deeper peek inside.

Now, naturally, one of the first things that most of us are picking up when we hit it big time is going to be a nice little collection of go-fast toys. This might be some sort of car or motorcycle collection. Most of the time, though, the rich and famous who buy these things aren’t really that into it. To them, it’s nothing more than just a cool thing to have. There’s not really anything wrong with that but we think that it’s even cooler when some of the most visible people in the industry have a really deep-rooted passion, much like we do. One of those people just so happens to be one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood these days, Keanu Reeves.

As it turns out, Reeves has a slight fixation on motorcycles. What some fans might know about him is that he has a nice little collection for himself. There are all sorts of different names and generations to choose from in this collection. What has us even more impressed, though, is that Keanu actually has his very own motorcycle shop. After taking a tour through the shop and seeing what it has to offer, you can color us impressed. We aren’t sure how many people in Hollywood own a functional shop that’s based on the horsepower and the need for speed. With that in mind, Reeves just gained a couple more brownie points in our book!


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