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Keith Berry Beats Stevie Fast at Lights Out 7 by a Holeshot

When talking about drag radial racing, Keith Berry and Stevie Fast are a couple of guys who will get out there in their respective rides and put on an absolute show as they tend to leave everything out there on the track and their machines are built to go!

This time, we head out to a race between these two and the result is enough to make you bite your nails at a bare minimum. We’re not joking when we say that this is really a matchup that will leave you on the edge of your seat as you watch these two impressive rides barrel their way down the drag strip.

The action comes to us in an eighth mile battle at one of the biggest shows in the country at Lights Out 7 where Stevie Fast manages to out ET Berry but thanks to a holeshot, Keith is able to manage to hold on to his lead through the finish line as the clocks ring up mighty close to one another.

Check out the battle down in the video below that showcases the action with these two top-tier contenders that bring the race down to the wire, giving the fans that oh so coveted adrenaline rush that ends up being what levitates spectators to the sport at the end of the day.