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Ken Block Gives Us 10 More Things We Didn’t Know About Gymkhana

From the day that it came out, Gymkhana has been a masterpiece an automotive stunt show that would impress the masses. As Ken Block and company would put together a display that would take insanely built rides to their absolute limits in a way like never before, everybody seems to have been glued to it in a way like we’ve never seen before. As the video evolved into a series that has grown in popularity, we have also noticed that the level of display that these guys have been putting on gets bigger and bigger with each and every chance that they get to really execute on the show that they’ve managed to build.

As such a large amount of production has to go into making sure that these videos are as good as they are, you would probably imagine that there are quite the amount behind-the-scenes stories that the videos have been built upon. After all, it is a huge collaboration that takes a lot of hard work from the whole group of different people. Everything isn’t going to go exactly right from the jump and we’re sure that lots of mind-blowing craziness has to go down, especially when you’re pulling off maneuvers of this magnitude with so many moving parts and dangerous positions within.

In this one, we are actually able to catch up with Block as he tells us some of the stories that have happened behind the scenes through all of the Gymkhana episodes that have found their way into existence. This one really gets wild as we hear everything from how these guys were working independently from a stunt team but when a stunt team came on, the team would find that the displays might’ve even been a little bit too extreme for what they were used to all the way to listening in as we hear about weird building bloopers and last-minute shot changes that may have altered the outcome and many more surprises along the way that even the most involved crew members in the planning process weren’t even close to expecting.

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