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Ken Block Rolls Rally Escort and it Goes Up in Flames

When you think of a name synonymous with being one of the best wheelmen in the world, the name “Ken Block” at least has to come into the conversation somewhere. We have seen Block go above and beyond in showing his proficiency in the world of driving as his rally ability has taken him to a stage that’s all his own. However, even for someone who is the best in their particular field, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are perfect. In fact, the most interesting parts of any form of racing come about when seemingly perfect drivers allow human error to ooze into the equation to see who can be the best!

This time, however, Block came up a little bit short in that battle of holding off error as he Alex Gelsomino took the iconic 90s Escort RS Cosworth and ended up getting tied up in an accident that was too big to shake off and continue on even though it looked like Block sincerely wanted to. Seriously, even after rolling the car over and landing on all fours, you can see that it looks like he is heading toward the gear shifter to pound the Ford back in gear and keep on going even after such wild ride. A slight turn of events to make things get a little bit heated, however, would prove to prevent the team from surging on.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch the video that we bring to you with a dark cloud overhead as you never like to see a beast of a machine like that go down, however, the bright spot here is definitely the fact that all parties involved were able to walk away from the incident alright. That’s most certainly the most important part of it all, even though I’m sure the team was feeling quite down after it all happened.