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Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2: Straight from Gymkhana TEN!

Hoonigan’s Build Biology series is yet another insanely cool feature that our favorite group of goofballs has launched to keep us in the know about what goes into some of the coolest rides on the planet. Their feature on Leah Pritchett’s 2018 Factory Stock Shootout world champion Drag Pak Challenger got us hooked on the BB series, and now they peel back the curtain to take a look at Ken Block’s insane 1,400 horsepower twin turbo Mustang, lovingly dubbed the Hoonicorn.

While the Hoonicorn strongly resembles a 1965 Mustang, the only part on the car that actually came from a ’65 Stang is the roof and pillars. Everything else on the car, including the chassis, is custom fabricated to be over-the-top, and it is most definitely that.

The one-off wide body kit adds two feet of overall width to the car, which I can only assume helps with balance and stability while Ken is wringing this thing’s neck and shredding around like the madman we all know and love.

Under the hood, a 410 CID Roush small block Ford provides ample horsepower thanks to the twin Garrett turbochargers. The potent powerplant runs on methanol, which means there’s no need for an intercooler, keeping some weight off the nose of the car and freeing up space to get creative with the turbo placement. The car cranks out a ridiculous 1,400 horsepower, enough to shred all 4 tires at will in any gear, and as is pointed out in the video, these aren’t exactly skinny, hard-compound tires.

With approximately 4’ of Toyo soft-rubber compound tires in contact with the road, it would be hard for most cars to spin the two rear tires beyond first and maybe second gear, but this car was built for shredding and does so seemingly effortlessly.

The suspension on the car is a literal work of art, but just in case somebody is reading this and hasn’t hit the play button, I’m going to save that and let you just see for yourself what all went into that part of the car. Check it out below!