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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Ten: The Trailer!

A few weeks back, we saw the updates made to the insane Hoonicorn, the wicked 1965 Mustang that ace wheelman Ken Block has built into the most badass drift-shredding machine possibly to ever break the internet. Since dropping the ridiculous Gymkhana 9 on the internet, the car received a massive power upgrade and a new look courtesy of the all new wrap for the soon-to-be-released tenth video in the series that somehow manages to get better and better with each release.

With Block behind the wheel, there are few limits on any vehicle except those imposed by gravity, friction and Ken’s own skilled hands. His years behind the wheel have given him the finesse required to push a car to its absolute limits and make it look effortless, which has undoubtedly caused many a fanboy to jump behind the wheel and try to do the same thing, only to wad up their prized 240 and end up with a broken sense of pride trying to live up to Block’s legend.

The trailer for Gymkhana 10 was just released and offers just enough of a glimpse of the new release to make you salivate, but you’ll have to wait a while before you can see the whole thing. The video is set to drop in late 2018 due to the scope of the project, which features Block wheeling several different vehicles in five different iconic locations around the world.

We realize that’s a long time to wait, but the Hoonigans have assured us, it will be worth the wait. Knowing what they’ve done in the past, we can only assume the tenth installment in the Gymkhana series will literally blow our minds all over again, so we’re gonna keep our cool and wait on the team to get the filming wrapped and get the project put together. As soon as we hear more about it, we’ll let you know. To appease your thirst, there will be an unscripted Amazon series that follows the project, so hopefully that will hold you over until the video itself drops sometime late next year.

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