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Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX AWD Burnout!

[HOONIGAN] Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX AWD Burnout!

We’ve been a witness to no less than one metric super load of burnout videos in our time. Each one differs a little from the last, some are better than others… this one entirely takes the cake. Heck it makes the cake and eats it as well. When Ken Block is involved with burnout related activities, no games are played.

The RaptorTRAX Ford Raptor does an epic AWD burnout with Ken Block behind the wheel.

Check it out as Block roasts the tires…. err, or tracks, rather on this blown SVT Ford Raptor that has been transformed to the magnificent RaptorTRAX. Watch as it roasts all four tracks in epic fashion.

This video is a worthy tease and we’re super excited to see the rest of what this truck has to offer in upcoming videos. Stay tuned!