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Kevin Hart Crash Determined to be Result of Sudden Acceleration, No Seat Belts Worn

As we all know at this point, Kevin Hart was involved in a violent accident last month that has really kept fans on edge. Luckily, we have gotten to the point where we now know that everyone involved should make a full recovery. However, the collateral damage is still deciding where to land.

It seems like determining fault is now what is on the radar of law enforcement. It’s not looking good for whoever was behind the wheel of the car. At this time, it is still believed that Jared Black was the one in control. CHP seems to be putting the incident on his shoulders. CHP has reported that the accident was related to the driver “operating the car in a reckless fashion.”

Essentially, they believe that Black pinned the throttle and lost control. The car would then roll over before eventually coming to a rest. None of the occupants were said to have been wearing seat belts in the crash that has been described as “purely driver error.”

In one of the few statements that we’ve heard from anyone involved, Hart spoke to TMZ through his lawyers. He said “I have nothing but love for Jared and wish him and Rebecca a speedy recovery.”

Hart did have serious surgery to fuse his spine back together in three places but is expected to make a full recovery. Black is said to be in a similar predicament injury-wise. Meanwhile, Black’s girlfriend, Rebecca Broxterman was able to escape with minor injuries.

Kevin has been back on the set of the Jumanji sequel in a limited role and has begun the promotion of the movie. He says that he doesn’t expect to be fully back into the swing of work until next year, though.

The last lingering question seems to be where the legalities sit. In a previous article, we spoke a bit about the potential lawsuits and speculation inferred that everyone was going to sue everyone else. Some even mentioned that the car’s builder would be on the hook in some fashion. Everyone has lawyered up and the talk around the watercooler points to some sort of lawsuit. TMZ even reports that their sources have reinforced just that.

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