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Kid Crashes Civic Trying to Drift

So for some reason this kid thought it would be a good idea to drift a FWD(duh) Honda Civic around what appears to be a private road within the hills of some residential area. Did he think he was RWD? We are wondering if he actually thought he was going to be able to pull this off without a crash? Sure he can maybe drive around it fast, but did he pull the hand brake here? some of the people from Speed Society Fan Page are saying some funny things. Check it out; One of our fans Mr. Charlie Jockers seems to have the winning comment so far. So what do you have to say about this? Watch the video and have a good laugh it has to be the reason they decided to drift it in the first place.

Teens are trying to drift in a front wheel drive Civic around this bend in a neighborhood and crashes into a fence. Fence posts total car.

Drifting FWD hondas down mountains while his buddies watch. Whats the worse that can possibly happen?

Speaking of fails, this drifter should probably pay closer attention to his equipment next time!