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Kid on a 50cc Dirtbike Hits Huge 70 Foot Triple!

Talk about starting them out young! If this kid stays healthy, he just might be the next big motocross star we see hitting huge jumps and slinging dirt in his opponent’s faces as they struggle to keep up. We don’t know how old he is, but we know his name is Gannon Lawson and we know this 50cc bike is one badass little machine, considering not too many bikes with that small an engine would have made this jump.

After a couple of warm up laps to get a feel for the track, Gannon takes his run at the big triple. While the video title says it’s 70 feet, it looks to be a little shorter than that, but still is a formidable jump to attempt on a 50. With a full head of steam coming off the setup, Gannon cranks the throttle and takes to the sky off the face of the ramp, soaring for what seems like several seconds before landing. Lawson came up just a tad short and cased the landing a bit, but handled the awkward landing like a seasoned pro, riding out like he’d done it 1,000 times. I’ve seen many a professional rider land the same way and take a tumble, so to see this kid handle it is pretty awesome.

Props to Gannon’s parents for letting their son do big things knowing there’s a risk of injury. We have enough padded up, watered down activities for kids in the world today. Also, as a quick like note, if you ever need a reminder that assholes are relentless, just check out the comments on this video. While a few of them are supportive, there are a shameful number of comments slamming on this kid for his landing or for claiming the jump was longer than it was. If that’s all you have going on in your life is picking on little kids on YouTube that are doing things you’ll NEVER do, you seriously need to reevaluate your life.