Kid Showing Off On Snapchat Slams Into a Curb!

A good video has to be long enough to tell a story. In most cases, to really tell a ...

A good video has to be long enough to tell a story. In most cases, to really tell a good story, it takes at least a minute or 2. Sure, there are some videos that can’t really tell the whole story in less than 5, 10, even 30 minutes or longer, while others literally need only a few seconds. We’ve found one of the latter, and boy is it a doozie.

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There’s a lot crammed into this 8 seconds, sort of like a bull rider taking his shot at rodeo glory, including the trademark bumpy ending.

The first thing I’m going to address is the fact that this guy in Snapchatting and driving. That, my friends, is a terrible idea. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful phenomenon known as karma, we get to see exactly why it’s such a bad idea literally within seconds. Keep your eyes on the road, not pretending to shoot a gun at your phone. Take it from this guy, that’s a terrible idea.

Speaking of pretending to shoot a gun, is that really how we want to act while we’re driving. Whether we’re “doing it for the Snap” or not, I’m not sure where somebody decided it was cool to act along with the music playing. If this is what it takes to be cool in 2018, count me out of the cool kids club, I want no part of that crap. It’s okay to sing along, if you’re so inclined, but let’s keep the dramatizations to paid actors and actresses, and not inattentive drivers.

Then there’s the caption. I know everybody can’t know all the proper spelling of all the things, but come on… does the guy who recorded this snap not know the difference in the vertical edge of a street and a gradual change in the road’s direction. I get that they sound similar, but there’s a pretty distinct difference.

Finally, the main purpose of this article: if you’re going to act a fool while driving and act out the song on the radio all while recording yourself for the world to see, DON’T RUN INTO A CURB!!! In the words of the legendary comedian Adam Sandler, they’re all gonna laugh at you! And you can rest assured, even after only 8 seconds of time in your world, we are all, indeed, laughing at you!

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