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Kid Takes A Ride on The Roof Of The Metro Train!

Kid Takes A Ride on The Roof Of The Metro Train!

You’ve seen crazy on the internet before, without a doubt, but we don’t think that you’ve ever seen anybody go above and beyond like this!

Instead of just hopping in the metro and going for a normal ride, this guy takes another route entirely as he hops on top and goes to an all new extreme!

This showing really does take parkour to an all new extreme as each maneuver is inches away from injury or worse! We can’t believe our minds when we see this kid hopping from train car to train car almost like something out of a movie!

Check out the video below as his careful planning comes through full circle and thanks to a GoPro camera, we’re able to get a first row view of about the most insane commute ever!

Is riding a pallet down the tram track the best way to get to work?

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