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Kids Find Abandoned Air Force Barracks In The UK

Urbex, short for Urban Exploration, is quickly becoming one of the more popular YouTube segments, with scores of individuals and groups risking legal repercussions – yes we are going to point out that this is almost always illegal and that we DO NOT ENCOURAGE breaking and entering or trespassing – to check outbuildings that have long since been abandoned and in many cases condemned.

This particular group, on YouTube under the channel name After The Apocalypse, is based in England and has headed out to explore a long-abandoned Royal Air Force training facility in North Yorkshire. The RAF Church Fenton is located near Leeds East Airport and features some great rooms and corridors to explore!

The ATA guys start outside the facility, giving us a good look at the perimeter before heading inside. As they enter the first building, they find piles of trash and debris, much of which was likely caused by other explorers, perhaps who had less respectful methods of exploring the location. The guys make their way up several levels of stairs, then finally climb near vertical ladders to access the building’s roof, providing themselves a great view of the surrounding area far below.

From there, they head back down and across the compound to what the deem to be a medical facility, where they head inside to explore the inner workings of the facility, including a sketch looking chute that they jokingly call a portal to hell. They head back outside to explore the surrounding area a bit, finding a massive mess hall to explore. They wrap after that, and we can’t wait to see where these guys head next. We’ll be checking back in with their channel to see what they’re up to very soon! Do any of our fans do Urbex? Hit us up with some links in the comments and show us what you guys have seen!