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Kids Mini SEMI Truck Is Seriously Badass!

Parents love to build things for their kids. We’ve seen videos of all kinds of projects, from hopped up electric cars to badass home-built go-karts, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this! This young man is the proud owner of a massive – compared to most rides that kids tool around the yard in – go-kart powered eighteen wheeler.

This replica big rig looks amazingly realistic, especially given the scale of the project. It’s hard to tell, but it sounds like a go-kart engine that fires up under the hood when the tiny driver climbs into the cab and cranks up his rig. The truck and trailer match perfectly, and we are blown away by the details from front to back. From the fuel tanks under the cab to the visor over the windshield and the headlights on the fenders, this truck is an amazingly accurate representation of the real thing. We also love the trailer and the air horn is a perfect finishing touch to complete the look!


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