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Kids Mini Ski Boat on the Lake – Start Them Young!

Your kid might be cool, but he ain’t “Riding around the lake in his own miniature ski boat” cool, unless this is your kid! This fully functional replica ski boat is pure awesomeness and the kid at the helm clearly knows he’s the coolest kid on the lake! Just watch as he masterfully maneuvers the boat around and between his adult overseers as they look on with pride. This kid is clearly ready for the open water, even if his parents don’t realize it yet.

There’s not a store-bought part on this craft, each component being built from hand by the captain’s dad in his shed in Australia. The boat, powered by a small 26cc two-stroke engine that allows the tiny driver scoot around the lake with ease. The tiny engine even provides enough power to let the little fella pull a pal behind on a bodyboard. We see at the end that the boat is modeled to look like a Lewis Boomerang wakeboard boat, and seen side by side, the resemblance is obvious. They only thing missing is the wake tower and a little more horsepower and the little boat will be all set to pull skiers and boarders just like it’s full sized counterpart.

Now we have to wonder, in true gearhead fashion, if there are some upgrades in this boat’s future. Obviously, once he has the hang of it, this little fella is going to want to go faster, maybe even fast enough to set his own wake and maybe tow a half-pint wakeboarder behind his miniature vessel. Regardless, we think it’s awesome that this dad spending some time with his kids like this and dedicating his time and effort into creating a truly unique ride for them to enjoy together at the lake. This, my friends, is COOL!

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