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Kids Point Laser at Helicopter and Get the Full Force of the Law

Sure, certain things can start out as innocent but, with the wrong action in a certain situation, that innocence can be quickly redirected into a scenario that you would live to regret and wish that you had never messed around in the first place. For these kids, or at least who one would presume to be kids, they thought that it would be a good idea to play around with the helicopter hovering above that they would later find out would be a police chopper. On the contrary, you can probably imagine by now, that wouldn’t end up being such a good idea.

It started out with something as simple as taking a laser scope off of an airsoft rifle and pointing at a helicopter. After repeatedly shining the beam toward the chopper, it appears as if they angered the wrong people who would then take it upon themselves to chase down these people wielding the laser scope. Thanks to some incredibly high tech equipment, you’re able to watch these three make their way through a field, ditching the laser before they would continue on to have ground units coming after them, releasing the dogs, and eventually arresting the kids and finding the scope that they attempted to ditch before being apprehended.

Follow along down in the video below that gives you a birdseye view to the action that shows off a set of actions that we would presume are probably pretty innocent but ended up giving the people behind them more than they were ready for in terms of pressure from the law. You’d think that, after an incident like this, that they’re probably going to be a lot more careful with their actions in the future. Do you think this is just a couple of kids being innocent with a laser or was it something more? Be sure to sound off with your opinion.